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Brent Corrigan & JJ Knight break up - JJ wants a "new life for himself"

But in a nice sweet romantic telling of the story, maybe he was intimidated because he actually liked this guy for once? I am not sure either of these guys are prepared for that.

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As someone who has done many scenes with my husband, you have to allow yourself to let go of that and just be in the moment. I watched the scene and there is a huge disconnect. But as those walls come down, we will get some of the hottest passion in porn. Keep at it boys!! Okay well then, I was gonna write a comment about this but changed my mind.

JJ also tweeted that his boyfriend has many porn awards.

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Which is a large step above porn stars whose husband lives in a different country. This is the age he needs to be figuring out who he is, not settling down with someone at a different point in life than he is… that never ends well. I wish the couple the best of luck. After years of trying to crossover into indie films, he picks now, the year a movie gets made about him by James Franco, to get BACK into porn? AND publicly advertise his escorting services……something he has never done and has even denied.

Not many guys are ok with that, because they have intact self-esteems and an adequate sense of self-worth to find a mate with marketable skills beyond their genitals. No, I think porn is fine. I think the societal conditions being the way they are attract a certain type of person to porn.


Use some critical reasoning and reading skills. Many get the help they need, many more do not see: Erik Rhodes, Arpad Miklos, etc.

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Sure, but you can say that with a lot of other professions. The heavyset Latino guy? So technically, it is not the first time. Jake Landaus who he did some of his underage scenes with is indeed the older boyfriend that got him into porn in the first place. Brent tells the story himself in this interview: Brent Everetts boyfriend that got him into porn was a white ginger guy.

Nope I am not. Look it up above in the thread. Jake Landaus is the older boyfriend who introduced Brent to Grant Roy and did his first scenes with him. Thats my bad. I smell drama..

New Gay Porn Power Couple Alert: Brent Corrigan And JJ Knight | STR8UPGAYPORN

Well, I happen to like Brent and wish him well on this new chapter in his life. They certainly make a gorgeous couple! Not if the person s involved are able to capitalize on the attention garnered from publicity. Once Hoss bends over , JJ takes the bait and that ass.

He slams Hoss to the hilt, his big sack dancing as be bangs against those cheeks. After treating himself to a ride on the whopper , JJ flips Kado on his back and continues his relentless reaming until he makes Hoss explode. Then JJ pulls out, backs up , and blasts Hoss from one head to other.

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Ask a Porn Star: Brent Corrigan Episode 2

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New Gay Porn Power Couple Alert: Brent Corrigan And JJ Knight

Check in to Room JJ Knight Overthinks It. Netflix Is Our Greatest Ally. Prove Me Wrong. So That Explains It.

Jail Baited. Jock Talk: